Being truly alive and comfortable in the body means starting from the ‘inside out’…

Popular culture tells us how we should feel about ourselves, from the ‘outside in’,  and for most of us this means uncomfortable, unhappy and removed from the unique constellation that is our own body. My goal is to offer opportunities to be fully present and awake in the body and with each other, through stories, sharing circles and movement.


Letting the body lead the way is gloriously liberating but takes practice.

It then becomes a practice. The more the body leads, the more the inner world opens up; insights arise, feelings get shaken loose and a sense of expansion emerges. ​

In childhood, most of us experience full embodiment but through time, our thoughts take over and we lose touch with our natural ability to move with freedom and joy.



Creating a new paradigm 

Starting with good information, positive mentors and a commitment to encouraging body trust, authentic communication and inner strength.


“One of the best Australian dystopians I’ve read. “Ora’s Gold” gives a refreshing glimpse into a world still in fear after the outbreak of a deadly disease and raises questions about women’s rights and body sovereignty in a brave and unique way that will stay with readers long after the turning of the final page.”
Written Word Worlds Book Review
“Recently I had the pleasure of attending an Open Floor session with Charlotte Young. It was completely enlightening. I delved deeply but with such joy and lightness. I could not recommend Charlotte’s work more highly. She is totally committed to her craft and her own process and yet can hold space for others with great clarity and warmth.”
Kerry Alenka  |  Kindergarten Teacher
“A useful companion for all mothers…the book offers a range of practical ideas…as well as emotional support and reassurance in the stories from other women.”
The Australian Breastfeeding Association Book Review​
“Thank you so much for yesterday. It was beautiful, gentle and a privilege to be a part of. Sia loved it and was asking a few questions with a sense of empowerment. It also highlighted for me to treasure these last weeks, months and years of her childhood…”

Claire Freney-Mills | Kinesiologist
Harriet Lerner, PhD.