Giving the Body time to Sing

There is an African proverb that says: “If you can talk you can sing. If you can walk you can dance.” I love this because it inspired me when I felt that I couldn’t do either. Just under twenty years ago I discovered the work of Gabrielle Roth—the 5Rhythms—and this has been a huge inspiration in my life. I have since spent thousands of hours on 5R dance floors all over the world, learning to listen to my body. From here, I started teaching Luna Dance for women which combined free dance with storytelling, myths and the women’s mysteries. I later trained as a Chakradance facilitator and am now an Open Floor teacher, offering various classes to adults and children. 

“The Church says: 
the body is a sin.
Science says: 
the body is a machine.
Advertising says: 
the body is a business.
The Body says: I am a fiesta.”

                      Eduardo Galeano



Start the weekend well by making time for your body and mind. This is a space to experience mindful movement, fun, fullness of being and stillness.
​Fridays 9.30-11am, $20​
​All levels, ages, bodies welcome


A four week series/closed group where we come together to play! To explore co-creating through movement, the written word, the moving word and art making. No prior experience necessary, just a willingness to dive in and have some fun.​
Tuesdays 7pm-9.30pm
​12 + 28 May, 4 + 11 June 20