Emerge is a unique 1 day workshop for teenage women (15+), designed to support them in finding their feet in a fast moving, modern world. The inspiration grew from continued requests from mothers whose daughters had attended our Celebration Day for Girls workshops and wanted a new program to meet their growing needs as teenagers.​​​

​In response, we created “Emerge” – a 1-day workshop – for young women to explore body acceptance, cycle awareness, sexuality and relationships. Emerge offers a safe, inclusive space where the “big issues” of adolescence can be navigated in a courageous, transparent and yet lighthearted way. The two hour mother’s session, which precedes the day session, is one of the unique features of this workshop as it includes the perspective and experience of the mothers.

As facilitators, we foster a learning environment of co-creativity and encourage the voice of every participant to be heard and respected. Through real, honest relating and playful, fun movement practices we take a brave look together at how we relate as women to ourselves, others and the world we live in.


 Navigating popular culture
 Instinct and intuition
 Listening to our bodies
 Cycle awareness
 The teenage brain
 Embodied movement practices
 The importance of intimacy
 Female pleasure
 Relationship readiness
 Sexual readiness​​
 Belonging vs Fitting In
 The value of friendship
 Establishing boundaries​​​


1 x 2 hr Mother’s evening/ information session, 7-9pm
Full day program for teenagers, ​10am- 4pm


$180 per mother-daughter couple, 
​includes Love, Sex and No Regrets, 
​written by Elizabeth Clark


Melinda Whyman

Mother of 4, Homeopath, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor, Menstrual Health Educator, Birth Attendant, Deathworker, Celebration Day for Girls program facilitator.

As a holistic health practitioner and birth attendant I’ve been immersed in the realms of women’s business since 1996. I am passionate about the rites of passage in a woman’s life – birth, menarche, childbirth, menopause and death – being honoured and celebrated as powerful times of transformation. I feel deeply privileged to have the opportunity to work with young women and share with them the wisdom of their body, its cycles and abundant capacity for pleasure.​

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