When a girl learns to be in a healthy relationship with her body—to hear and to heed her innate body wisdom—she stands a greater chance of leading a more balanced and healthy life as a woman.

Always #LikeAGirl

Parents, caregivers and teachers can support pre-pubertal and pubescent girls navigate their most transformative years of growth by understanding the nature of puberty and the important role they play during this significant time. Puberty is not just a physical transition—it is also a social and psychological transition—and takes place over a number of years.

Through Information Sessions and Celebration Days for Girls I offer valuable and empowering information on how to work with puberty, the main resources being a physiological template—the wisdom of the cycles. And an emotional tool box—how parents and girls can work together.

​​​​​”Educate your daughter to be independent – to think of herself as valuable because of who she is, not because of what other people think of her. In the end, this will be her strongest armour.”
Melinda Tankard Reist