Mama’s Word

A book to support breastfeeding mothers

“Since we know so little about the causes and management of mastitis, sharing women’s stories can help fill in the gaps.
 Dr Lisa Amir

Mastitis can creep up on you quietly and make you feel like you’ve been run over by a bus. Before you know it, you’re on your back with a high fever, searing pain and blocked ducts, not wanting your baby anywhere near your hard and inflamed breast/s.

“Charlotte, These days have been hellish! I am reading your book over and over like a bible following all the steps 1,2,3. It’s all working. I’m so grateful for your wisdom shared.

Few people understand the emotional toll mastitis takes and the physical price you pay. Parenting and baby books dedicate all of one or two pages to it and the average doctor’s response is, “Rest and take these antibiotics”.​ When I was going through it – multiple times – I needed and yearned for more than this. I looked and searched and never found what I was looking for, so in the end…I wrote the book myself. ​

I suffered from mastitis with my first two children but soon after babe number three arrived, I cracked it. Finally, I understood what needed to be done to prevent it from happening again and again. I decided to share my story as well as the stories of other mothers who had experienced it, from oversupply to tricky positioning, to ultrasound and surgery. There is SO much wisdom and empathy in their words. Dr Lisa Amir supported the project and made sure I got all my facts right, she should know – she has a PHD in mastitis!

As well as offering emotional support, the book is packed full of information about how to care for breasts and nipples in order to steer clear of the common breastfeeding challenges that mothers can face, such as mastitis, nipple thrush and blocked ducts.
The Australian Breastfeeding Association also supported the book and it’s been very popular with independent midwives and lactation consultants.