Open Floor International is a dance/meditation practice where there are no steps to learn and no right way or wrong way. The invitation is to come as you are and join others doing the same, dancing freely, following your feet and your body; discovering the power of embodiment.
Using core movement principles, such as breath, grounding and centring, along with clear guidance from the facilitators, our aim is to become more embodied through movement, mindfulness, wild dances and tender ones, connections between dancers and solo time.
No experience is necessary.

Open Floor Classes in Primary Schools: 4 week and 6 week programs available. Please contact me for more information. 

Movement Meditation Cycles are a fine mixture of mindfulness and embodiment. The intention is to marry body and mind. It is a practice of noticing and being with whatever arises in the moment. Noticing your thoughts, your expectations, your judgments, your resistance, your attachments. Noticing, moving, including. Sitting, walking, dancing. Sitting. Walking. Dancing. A moving meditation in cycles.
For group bookings of Movement Meditation Cycles, please email Charlotte at the address below.

Research shows that people who dance grow more flexible, confident, capable of intimacy, and nimble in the face of change.

For more information please email:

“Recently I had the pleasure of attending an Open Floor session with Charlotte Young. It was completely enlightening. I delved deeply but with such joy and lightness. I could not recommend Charlotte’s work more highly. She is totally committed to her craft and her own process and yet can hold space for others with great clarity and warmth.”
Kerry Alenka | Kindergarten Teacher