Open Floor International is a dance/meditation practice where there are no steps to learn and no right way or wrong way. The invitation is to come as you are and join others doing the same, dancing freely, following your feet and your body; discovering the power of embodiment.
Using core movement principles, such as breath, grounding and centring, along with clear guidance from the facilitators, our aim is to become more embodied through movement, mindfulness, wild dances and tender ones, connections between dancers and solo time.
No experience is necessary.

Session Times: 


In collaboration with Kelsaya Antony…Join us on a Friday morning and start the weekend well by making time for your body and mind. This is a space to experience mindful movement, fun, fullness of being and stillness.
Fridays 10am-11.45am, $15/$20​
All levels, ages, bodies welcome


A quarterly series celebrating and aligning with the Earth’s Solstices and Equinoxes. Come and join us (myself and Kelsaya Antony) for an extended movement meditation cycle where we sit, walk and dance, in four deepening cycles as well as mark these points in the year with intention setting and ceremony. 
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