A 2.5 hour workshop, exploring Perimenopause

This workshop is for you if:
You want to feel connected to your changing body and meet the next phase of your life with ​open arms and a positive outlook.
You’ve noticed some physical and/or emotional changes already.
You haven’t noticed any changes but want to know more about  what lies ahead.
You feel sad, mad or bad about getting older. 

Transitions - exploring perimenopause workshop


​9/313 La Trobe St, Melbourne

Saturday 7 September 2019, 2pm – 4.30pm


A program designed specially to support you 

in taking the next steps to meet this phase confidently. 
You will find out how to:
​·      Re-frame the cultural paradigm of perimenopause and                        menopause
​​·      Discover the inherent wisdom of the body
​​·      Map the life seasons and use them as a guide

For2.5 hours, you’ll be in the company of a small group of women (numbers limited) who want to create a new way of being for themselves and future generations. You will leave more willing to claim this phase as a positive, and indeed powerful, experience.


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I loved that the workshop held a balance of learning and expression – wrapped in ritual with the safe feeling of community to support me. As I move into this phase of life I value all of these things. Thank you Charlotte for creating the place for us to share our challenges and strengths with each other.”                                 Teri McNeil, Dance Therapist​

I felt completely comfortable attending the Transitions workshop by myself. It was a respectful inclusive space where we were all welcomed exactly as we were. There were no assumptions made about where we each were “at”.  We listened, reflected, spoke and were able to just “be”. I felt held and honoured in my journey as a woman. Thanks Charlotte.”                                                        Sue Maslin, School Special Needs Co-ordinator​

Thank you for the Transitions Workshop Charlotte, it had and still does have a deeply meaningful impact on my life. Thank you for the beautifully held space and important information about the life stages of being a woman…all so essential in our lives as women.”​
                                                                                       ​Jan Alexander, Psychotherapist